Half Elf Oracle


My father was an elf named Poren The Watcher. He was a cleric. His sister fell sick right before everyone went into the west. No one had ever seen anything like it before. No one was able to heal her, not even my father. They thought she was cursed and would let her make the journey. My father stayed behind to take care of her. Her condition worsened and she started to get strange powers. She eventually died of her condition.

My father longed to be with his people and seeing outsiders just reminded him he was alone. He journeyed to Thranduil Hall (Northern Mirkwood) To make his home in solitude. This plan backfired as he became more lonely. He came across some nomadic humans who became indebted to him for his healing. One of the was a woman named Saroe who would eventually be my mother. She stayed behind in Mirkwood and married my father. I dont know much about her but i do know she was killed by bandits while he was out on a hunt. He doesnt talk much about her because it hurts too much. He tried to pass down all of his healing talents to me but was always frustrated by it because it seemed my gifts were a little different. He always instilled a sense of justice in me so that i would never become like those bandits. I never liked the hall much, i always felt it was haunted. One day he ventured out while i was studying and never returned. I was 330 years old. I waited for 2 months and searched all over mirkwood. after 2 years of searching i left the woods in search of a new life. what i found was a world of corruption and injustice.

The government selected a few people to live in opulence and the rest to suffer in poverty. I saw no place in this world for me. One day i saw a raid on a shipment of goods made by near slave labor and i followed the bandits. I was brought up to hate bandits but i somehow felt this was different. I approached them at camp and they interrogated me. After i gained their trust, i found out all about this new world and the rebellion. I wanted to join. they sent to start my new life as a new recruit.



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