The Bane of the Ever-Young

Adventure 2

Turn of the Tide

The end was near, all hope seemed to have slipped away, and then came the Tempest. The violent storm worked in the favor of the Rebellion, destroying and laying waste to the on coming tide of doom. Goren, Alrik, and Omri watch as the tornadoes and hail fly about the battle field, ripping stone, earth, metal, and flesh asunder.
There was a blackness that followed the four companions. And something they did not expect happened. There both mind and spirit they found themselves in the presence of four Valar, bestowing them words of affirmation and rings of power, the likeness of these rings have not been matched for that of hundreds of years. Coming back into the real world they found themselves watching the end of the massacre, the battle was won for the free people! The three of them meet back to report to High Warden Took and were given orders to join Brutus’ Platoon were they met Gimlit the dwarf, and head swiftly East to waylay the caravans holding valuable supplies. And so, mounted they took to the road to see what plunder they can acquire from this victory. The first few days go without incident. But by the second night they spot glowing shapes, similar to the ones on their patrol, which seemed so long ago. The lights approached and the battle was joined. The squad was quick to use their wands to vanquish the fell shadows while others unintentionally healed the ghosts. In the mist of the chaos Gimlit the Dwarf struck Bartomos, the platoons cleric. Despite the set backs the group came together and defeated the haunting threat.
In an attempt for speed the platoon leader; Brutus, bid the platoon to move faster the next day. During that day of travel they came across a Cyclopes, and as a peering threat Equire Gimlit makes a charge right toward the large beast. The Platoon following suit charge in and slaughters the one-eyed giant with hardly any resistance.
Reaching the northern parts of North Downs they came across a swamp filled with lizard-people. Ambushed the Platoon found themselves outmatched, and outnumbered. But with Alrik charging to and fro, Omri throwing his bombs, Gimlit swinging his new great ax and Goren providing support with healing the group slew their foes and pressed on to the location high Warden Took commanded them to go to.
The last day they found themselves surrounded yet again by archers, but high up in the trees. This seemed no problem for the sturdy dwarf who began to swing his great ax and cleaved the tree in two. Some of the other more stocky troops followed suit and began to cut down the trees, while the Alchemist threw his Bombs up into other trees. Goren released his eagle and Alrik while mounted attacked the rangers who thought they were safe in their lofty branches.
Finally reaching the Pass, the platoon quickly went to work in creating a blockage. Ormi lead the project by using his explosives, and placing very crafty traps for the oncoming caravan. While some of the stronger folk, such as Gimlit, Alrik, and Brutus, moved more stone, and collected boulders and rocks to throw down upon the unwelcome travelers.
The Platoons Ranger; Ararath, spotted the troops from afar on the second day and with the trap in place the chaos began. The Troops tried pushing through, but to no avail, the mist, tar, and voices of “retreat” that was created by Goren made it difficult to move further. The Mountain of stone created by Omri’s masterful engineering and the help of others made the crossing of this pass impossible. Time and time again the body of troops struck the Mountain Pass, and again it withstood them. The Platoon was Victorious!
On the following day there, to be seen by all, coming with the sun, the bright blue banners of the free people charging forth and to waylay and destroy the fleeing troops of Vanya’la. Battle was joined and was ended just as fast as it started, the dazed, exhausted, tired troops were no match for Arathorn and his army.


Chase_Brandstone Aryante

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