Remember the Forgotten!

After more than a hundred years under the rule of Vanya’La, few have any idea what a civilized society is supposed to look like; few have even dared to dream that there could be a better way.
Every child in the empire leaves their home on their 16th birthday to undergo the rite of selection. During this process, the Favored are separated from the Forgotten. The forgotten are then assigned a station (farmer, miner, etc.) and a new home. The Favored are sent to a Capitol city to live out their lives in opulence and service to the Queen’s government. Either way, the children never see their families again.
The result of several generations of Selection Rites is that the entire continent is now filled with hundreds of thousands of Forgotten ruled over by a comparatively small number of Favored. The Forgotten are oppressed fiercely, not having any rights to property, privacy, or even safety. They are beaten down both physically and in spirit, often hearing sermons about the righteousness and goodness of the Favored and about the duty of the Forgotten to serve and comply.
But in all this, discontent has been brewing; Captain General Arathorn has assembled a rebellion that is growing every day, attracting many Forgotten from all over the continent. It is still small but it is beginning to become a threat that cannot be ignored. War is upon us!

The Bane of the Ever-Young

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